The Student Hotel, Starbucks, Accor Hotels, Pernod Ricard, World Design Capital Valencia, Astet Studio, KLM, FiveOhFive, Carrefour, AWWG, Moccamaster, Cabify, Superfuture, Marlota, Penguin Random House, Springfield, Taller Silvestre, Apple, Northsix, Zamora Company…

Selected works

Pernord Ricard

Communication, creativity and coordination of the project Somos_i designed by the Pernod Ricard innovation department.

Creation of the digital portal, communication, coordination of digital content and event planning to communicate different projects developed by the Pernod Richard Innovation Department, and to transmit their DNA and reason why to the whole company. Brand building and communication of the brand image across different channels: website copy, blog content marketing, digital content for the newsletter and organization of inspirational talks. Production and curation of exhibitions developed by first-class artists like Coco Dávez or Abe the Ape.

The Student Hotel

Market research, Coolhunting and creative consultancy for the introduction of The Student Hotel brand in Spain.

Analysis and research of the local market, where the company will soon be opening hotels. Coolhunting safaris to spot the latest trends and innovations, analysing and studying strategic locations in the city from different perspectives: accommodation, retail, culture, architecture, marketing and technology. Conceptualization of gastronomic spaces. Definition of strategies to connect with the key players for each business.

Zamora Company

Creation and curation of content for the projects Generación 43 and Historias 43 by Licor 43.

Conceptualization and development of the project Generación 43 by Licor 43, acting as a platform for creators who pursue their dreams and think outside the box. Brands and people who march to the beat of their own drum, who have grown and found their place in the world doing what they love. People like Laura Ponte, Papiroga, Zubi Design, Guille García Hoz, Yolanda de Andrés, Lucía Be, Boa Mistura, etc. Design of the blog (first edition) and digital and audiovisual content generation: interviews and videos for Historias 43.


Conceptualization and development for the brand roll-out in Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia and Málaga, as well as for different campaigns and modalities: Cabify Access, Cabify Festivales, Cabify Tesla.

Creation of storytelling efforts and production of introduction and roll-out videos for Cabify in different cities, staring influencers Miranda Makaroff, Leticia Dolera and Electric Nana, among others. Digital content generation for the website, newsletter and social media.


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